About Us



We are a not-for-profit Archery School that offers open range 3D and target shooting and classes for anyone that wants to shoot a bow!

We offer many special events as well as our regular classes.  Some of our classes are run specifically for certain groups, such as: adults, hunters, young adults, Para, and Olympic bound athletes.  Several other options that we offer are summer camps, day camps, technical camps, birthday parties, scout parties, home school, team building events, tournaments, after school programs and so many more!

At Archery School of the Rockies we provide a top level coaching facility in a safe, fun and climate controlled environment.  Most of our coaches are volunteers giving their time to work with students.  Our coaches are USA Archery Certified and have not only passed extensive archery training classes, but they have also taken Safe Sport classes and have completed background checks.

At ASR we offer classes for all ages, from 4 to 104!  Any skill level, from beginner to Olympian.  Archery is for everyone....and all abilities!!

There are several shooting options at Archery School of the Rockies.  We have over 50 lanes designated at 18meter/20yards.  We also have a static 3D range and can rotate our shooting line to offer a 30 yard shot. ASR even offers an elevated shooting platform for our 3D shoots.

For archers looking for competition we offer several a team for everyone.  (Teams are currently limited due to COVID)  Please call for more information 719-ARCHERY (719-272-4379.

We offer leagues and tournaments for those that just want to stay in the game.

Archery School of the Rockies is home to  a full service pro shop that can serve all your archery needs, (and wants) from finger slings to a brand new bow.  It is our goal to provide you with top notch service and quality products all at affordable prices.  Our buyers search the world for quality products!  Our in-house, custom string making company is known for quality service and low prices.

If you want new equipment or just need to tune up your existing set up, we can help!  Even if you just have questions, we are here to answer them to the best of our knowledge.

All of this, competition, classes, service, and sales are all provided in a climate controlled, indoor facility consisting of over 20,000 square feet.  We give you the ability to shoot no matter what the weather is like!  We have a  coffee shop to get a cold or warm beverage, light meal or snack to keep you fueled up.

At Archery School of the Rockies we strive to provide a family friendly environment in which to learn and grow as an archer.  You choose how far you want to go in this sport and we will be here to help you achieve that goal!

Wed - Fri--11AM - 7PM, Sat 11AM - 6PM, Sun 1PM - 5PM                 +1 719 ARCHERY (272-4379)