Certified USA Archery Coaches

       Karin Bock--Head Coach

Archery chose me and I am extremely happy that it did.  I love this sport for so many reasons, but the one I come back to again and again is that everyone can be a part of it.  Archery is accessible to people with any ability, and those who partake in it build character, self-confidence, mental and physical abilities, focus and so much more.  Archery requires the shooter to be all in, using their body and their mind to master each and every shot.  Developing archers is a passion for me because of this.  I believe that the benefits of archery spill into all aspects of an archer’s life, and that is why I love the sport so much, Karin Bock


Karin Bock has coached cheerleading, volleyball, bowling and archery for more than 40 years. Karin began the Colorado Springs JOAD club which evolved into the Archery School of the Rockies because of her love of teaching young athletes and helping them overcome challenges. She is also a certified USA Archery Judge. “I have coached various sports for over 40 years. Of all the sports, I love archery more than all the rest. For me archery is a ballet, symphony and a beautiful painting all rolled into one. It requires a balance between the body and the mind and develops both in different ways. Archery develops patience, self-control, organization, tenacity and a focus on details. While archery is an individual sport it also encourages team work and can increase mentoring opportunities. The goal as a coach is to be able to develop those qualities in our student archers while they are having fun so they take those skills forward the rest for their life.”


      Brian Siravo


Brian is an Air Force veteran and graduate of the US Air Force Academy. He has been in the emergency preparedness profession for over 20 years. He is a lifelong athlete and coach of multiple youth sports including Pop Warner Football, volleyball, pistol, and archery. He enjoys every aspect of archery and has a growing passion for bow hunting, especially when those experiences are shared with family or friends.  “I have been privileged to have been guided by great coaches who made positive impacts on my life. Now, I want to continue that tradition and give back to others as those mentors helped me. I want to help others find enjoyment, growth, and passion through archery as it allows people of any age or physical ability to achieve their goals and find ways to say “yes I can!” It’s about something greater than just shooting arrows at a target.”


     Tim Schaubroeck

Tim provides Archibus technical support at Rand, World Wide and focuses on keeping customer service forefront of technical issues.  Tim’s real passion is his multiple activities including bowling, model race cars, and of course archery.  Tim enjoys recurve and compound archery and is exploring traditional archery.  He is also certified as a level 1 judge.

“Think positive and no matter what – have fun.  If you don’t have fun, why are you shooting?”


     Brooke Bowman



Brook is a US Navy disabled veteran and is a graduate of UCCS.  Brook loves the outdoors, works at Garden of the Gods as a Park Interpreter, and brings her love of working with youth as the Pikes Peak Chapter of the Mule Deer Foundation Youth Coordinator.

“Archery to me is all about family.”


     Will "Taco" Martin


I love archery because it takes me to a different world. I’m at peace nothing else in the world matters. I started shooting archer when a neighbor handed me a bow and told me to have fun. Since then I have enjoyed every moment. I have competed in many archery tournaments. I won some and lost some but that has made me a better archer. I’ve learned from every mistake I have learned from every missed arrow. I have a great support system great coaches and mentors. I have started coaching and I really enjoy teaching others how amazing this sport really is. The look on someone’s face the first time the arrow hits the target is why I love coaching. My journey is far from over. Working at Archery School of the Rockies has allowed me to keep growing not only as archer but a person I can be proud of.


    Ashlette Lopez


Ashlette Lopez has been with the ASR family since early 2015, first as an archery student and then became a coach in 2017. She trains as a competitive archer and coaches our intermediate team. She has traveled as far as Spain to pursue her archery dreams. She is a level 3 coach and finds archery relaxing. Ashlette and her husband Eric have been together over 16 years. Their children wanted to try archery as a homeschool sport and the whole family now loves shooting together. When she is not at the range or traveling for archery Ashlette teaches CPR/First Aid and advocates for children in foster care.


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